14/48 at The Y!!

Excited to say i’m going to be part of the 14/48 festival at The Y in Leicester! Performances are on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th May at 8pm and 10.30pm and you can buy tickets by pressing ME!!!! Here is a cheeky trailer to whet your appetite!





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Piehole Demo of the Year 2016 Competition, top 20 finalist!!!

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! I’ve been shortlisted in the top 20 finalists in the Piehole Demo of the Year Competition 2016!!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!! The talent in this competition is always phenomenal, good luck one and all and have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂12794693_10208051975232387_2096961703103416342_o

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Going Green

Tonight i’m performing with Opus Theatre Company in “Going Green” written by David Tristram. The story centres on Green party politician John Brown (Alan Birch). Brown is a man with a vision and charisma who- having been hit by an illness, decides to quit politics for good but not before giving a blistering farewell speech at the annual conference. Tristram describes it as “a tragi-comedy with an extra ordinary and surreal twist, which gives a whole new meaning to the concept of colour prejudice”. “Going Green” has been directed by the founder of Opus, Gerry Hinks, who also plays the part of Brian. Also starring Alison Joynes, Tanya Fellows, Tom Roberts and myself as John Brown’s not so lovely girlfriend! You’ll find us tonight in Stourbridge and here is a list of further tour dates! Come and join the green party!!

Here's us rehearsing with our lovely one eyed friend Franky!

Alan Birch and myself had a few pointers from our one eyed friend Franky during the rehearsal process.

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Sitcom Trials Birmingham Tonight!!

Tonight i’m playing with the fantastic Foghorn Improv  for The Sitcom Trials, tickets are available through The Old Joint Stock Theatre. Foghorn Improv have drawn up a shortlist of the favourites from 40 scripts that they were sent and the six shortlisted are a giggle a minute! I’m performing in “Both Sides Now” by Rachel Sambrooks and
“Mary Godmother” by Dan Sweryt. Come on down and have a laugh because a day without laughter is a day wasted!!!

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Three In A Bed

I’m in the cast of this play tonight, please feel free to come along and give us feedback about the script, plot, characters, my gurning etc 18203_10153103064670944_1809676444246379831_n

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Liverpool Accent: How To Do A Scouse Accent

The Liverpudlian accent is one of my favourites and is probably my strongest from growing up listening to Grandad ‘Grumps’ who hailed from Waterloo, Liverpool. Whenever I find myself slipping into a bit of sing- song- Scouse, the accent always brings a smile to my face. Everything sounds so much better and jovial in a Scouse accent! Also if i’ve over learned a monologue that’s become stale with repetition, repeating it in the Scouse accent is my favourite tool for getting the colours back into it.

The most important aspect of the Scouse accent to get right is making sure that you speak in a higher pitch than your natural placement. When Liverpudlians are speaking, it’s this high pitch of the accent combined with rising intonations (end of sentences going up) that results in the accent sounding so friendly and open up. These rising intonations have the power of keeping someone listening too, as it gives the feeling the person holds the conversational ground when ending on a high note (i’m trying to keep my language geeking out to a minimum here so apologies if i’ve gone to far!)

A great trick to perfect your Scouse accent is to position the accent in the front of your mouth. Bring the sounds of words right up to your lips and teeth, which will create a ‘wet’ sound in the mouth.

Here’s the super Jade Joddle and myself talking about the lovely accent of Liverpool.

To practise your Scouse I recommend reading ‘Our Sammy’ from Blood Brothers, the musical by Willy Russell who handily writes dialectically:

I wish I was our Sammy

Our Sammy’s nearly ten.

He’s got two worms and a catapult

An’ he’s built a underground den.

But I’m not allowed to go in there,

I have to stay near the gate

‘Cos me Mam says I’m only seven,

But I’m not, I’m nearly eight!


I sometimes hate our Sammy,

He robbed me toy car y’ know,

Now the wheels are missing’ an’ the top’s broke off,

An’ the bleedin’ thing won’t go.

An’ he said when he took it, it was just like that,

But it wasn’t, it went dead straight,

But y’ can’t sat nott’n when they think y’ seven

An’ y’ not, y’ nearly eight.

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Grand Desires

Playing TV decorator and viper Gronya Derange in Grand Desires, a fast paced comedy at the Birmingham Mac. Tonight’s show, like last night its a complete sell out, but if you are around Birmingham and want a laugh there are a few remaining matinee tickets available.

Come and see two celebrity TV decorators and embittered ex-lovers battle it out against the clock to win a TV decorating show. Their ambition and ruthless antics lead to murder, cover-up and chaos.

Starring Neil JacksonPerdita Lawton, David EdgarDenny Hodge and Barry Harper. Wonderfully written by Jo Bolton and fabulously directed by Tamar Williams.


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How to do Accents

Voice over artists are often asked how they learn different accents and switch so quickly between them. It comes down to having a good ear for sound, so generally speaking you don’t need to consciously try hard to speak in a particular accent, but it does take practice. In most cases you just remind yourself how the accent sounds (Google it) and then begin experimenting by talking to yourself while in character.

In the accent videos I make with Jade Joddle for her YouTube channel, we have fun playing around with different accents. To make the accent easier to get into, we imagine ourselves as characters who happen to speak with the particular accent(s) we are making a video about. That’s why in our accent videos you see so many stereotypes – it is much easier to grab hold of the accent and to think of something to say if you stay if you stick with the predictable and expected.

My advice to anyone who wants to improve their skills with different accents is to simply let go and have fun while you are doing it. Just keep going if you find you can’t hold the accent or it slips into a closely related accent. You’ll find that with practice you get much better at holding the accent you are working to master. When you find that you can improvise in the particular accent without needing to think about what you are going to say, then you have truly perfected the accent.

Watch Jade Joddle and myself improvising American Accents in the video below:


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The Voice Of Your Business

It’s 2015. Do you spend your day wondering how to improve your web presence? What if it had a voice, what would it sound like?
PerditaLawton.com is a professional voice over artist that can help. Check out her advert:

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Paul Strikwerda, the wonderful Nethervoice

I recently entered a picture competition ran by Paul Strikwerda also known as Nethervoice for the launch of his awesome new book “Making money in your PJs“.

If you haven’t read this book and you’re any kind of a solopreneur, you need to!

Continuing my winning streak, I landed an interview by the great man himself which went out to his 21,000+ subscribers, you can read it here:


Not only did Paul take a lot of time and effort to research me personally prior to the interview but he also advised on my studio set up after listening to my recorded demos. He went far above and beyond what I expected my prize to be!

When starting out I asked somebody for advice on getting started and was told quite frankly that I’d have to “find out the hard way” and they weren’t going to help or tell me anything. As with Paul I don’t believe in this negative approach because we can all help each other and there’s enough work out there for everybody. We are not in a competition – we are all unique and a job that’s right for one person might not be right for another.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Paul not only for the prize and his advice but his outlook on voice overs and life. I will be making sure karma is restored to you Paul 🙂

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